Land Title Services

Land Registration

Manual registration of Land Title documents and plans for the jurisdiction of the Kamloops Land Title Office are offered daily subject to the mandatory filing news release by LTSA of BC issues March 15, 2011.  Effective as of January 16th, 2012 the majority of registration will be on EFS.  Exempt manual filings may be filed by this agency on your behalf as permitted by LTSA of BC.  Electronic filing may be submitted by this agency as your agent.  Please see our contact information for further information or call our toll free line.

Title Searches

Province wide title searching from legal description, Parcel Identifier ( PID#), name or address is available through this service.  In addition, copies of documents or related plans may also be requested.  Older non-electronic title searches from the old Absolute Fee Registers or IFB Books as well as manual title copies off microfiche are available only for Kamloops-Nelson Land Title records.

Name Search

Registered interests in land on file in any of the province's land title offices by way of a individual or company name may be located and a follow up title search or copy of a charge interest ( example: lease, agreement for sale, mortgage)produced for your files.

Plan and Area Search

Scenery and defined area searching of Land Title records to locate legal plans defining lot boundaries, road or park dedication, natural boundaries on a water course, right of ways, easement or covenant areas, gores or Indian Reserve boundaries may be obtained.  In addition, where a parcel is defined without a plan, a copy or the originating document or descriptive title with a metes and bounds description could be located and copied.

Document and Plan Copies

Copies of registered documents such as liens, easements, covenants, tax sale deeds, timber reservations, crown grants or filed survey maps or legal plans may be provided upon request.  Manual copies from other Land Title offices can be arranged.

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