First Registry Services Ltd was incorporated by its founder , Daryl Scott Johnson, in 1982 in New Westminster, B.C. following many years of service as a government civil servant of the Land Title Office.

Daryl was first employed by that office in 1973 where he worked as a clerk in the survey department. Daryl was later put through training as an examiner of title where he become competent with the Land Title Act, Land Act and various other related acts . He also undertook various other related courses at the Justice Institute of B.C. In addition to achieving a Clerk 6 status as a Senior Examiner of Title, Daryl also studied and passed both of the Land Title Office’s Surveyor 1 and 2 exams and worked as a plan examiner for many years until leaving government service in 1982.

Following his departure Daryl worked as a consultant for Marathon Realty’s land department in Vancouver. This company was the real estate arm of Canadian Pacific Railway where Daryl worked on various railway and other land related matters such as right of way protection programs, property negotiations, tendering out survey requests and document preparation. This private sector exposure dealing with numerous railway matters and their records greatly expanded our knowledge base and serves us well today.

After several years of offering personalized land title agency services to lower mainland clients and businesses, First Registry Services re-located to Kamloops ,B.C. where it currently offers its agency work today.

We look forward to assisting our current clients and new clients to come for many years.

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