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Historical review of title by way of a property description or other by following its history back through its title chain as recorded in the Land Title records is available through this experienced agency.  You may require a search back to only a particular date in time or family name or right back to the first fee simple grant from the crown.  This research from the records can be related to you with or without a flow chart and may be accompanied with copies of the registered titles, deeds, charges and liens, plans or copies of the originating crown grant.


Crown Granted Mineral Claims and Undersurface Reports

Crown grants of the surface or undersurface are commonly on file in the records of the registry and would contain any provisos, exceptions and reservations excepted or passed by the crown.  Crown grants may also be affixed with a copy or sketch of the parcel of land granted, generally in color with exceptions such as travelled roads or watercourses in a color other than red.

In some cases a photocopy of title may not be available or restricted due to the condition of the title.  This is the case with the old Absolute Fee Books ( AFB) and the early Indefeasible Fee Books ( IFB).  The Land Title office restricts copying of these special records.  Thus authorized agents prepare a hand written extract of that record on our offices AFB/IFB "Hand Written Title Abstract" search form.

Environmental Assessment Searches

Our reporting and historical review on requests for Environmental Assessment Searches, Mineral Claim & Undersurface Rights follow the same procedure as an historical but will red flag interests of concern.  A sample of this may be a commercial leasehold interest for investigations regarding contaminated site regulations under the Environmental Management Act.

Research and review of Mineral Claims & Undersurface Rights interests recorded in Land Titles may reveal tax sale notices and forfeitures back to crown of surface or undersurface and have implications as to such matters as tailings deposited on the surface.

Inquires are welcome as to our review and gathering of Indian Reserve plans registered in Land Titles and recorded interests of utility right of ways, railways or highways and historical conveyances of private lands that border these reserves.

Inquires on private title issues, research or establishment of roads, valuation dates for tax purposes, correction of title reporting or single parcel confirmation for relief from Agricultural Land Commission Act are all competently investigated and reported by this service.

In addition to flow charts that may accompany the records copied, this agency offers its own summary letter or report on any of the above findings.

Please contact our experienced agent, Daryl Johnson, to discuss your historical inquiries.

Plan and Document Vetting

Consulting services are available to deal with land title inquiries, plan and document vetting, defect inquiries with examiner of record, CPLs and caveats and discussion with registrar/deputy registrar, land title procedures, corrections and general liason on your behalf with land title staff.

Subdivision Consultant
City of Kamloops & T.N.R.D.

A new service we offer is assistance as your agent for those property owners on their City of Kamloops and T.N.R.D.'s subdivision application & the submission process and final registration at Land Titles.  We offer to consult with city and district staff, land surveyors, engineers, contractors and solicitor/notaries for their related services.

We have established a working relationship with local solicitors to assist in preparation of legal documentation (covenants, statutory right of ways, easements, partywall agreements, transfer of land, plan applications) and subsequent registration manually or by EFS/Electronic Submission.

Referrals to land surveyors, engineers and contractors are available.  Please call to discuss.  Standard application forms for the city, ministry of transportation and algricultural land commission are available on request.

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